Odia Agastya movie songs download

Thursday, September 19, 2019


About "Agastya" movie-

Agastya Movie was released at 12 June 2016.This Movie is directed by K. M Krishna and produced by Akshya Parija.Music Director Prema Nand and this Movies Cast Anubhavmohanty,Jhilik bhattacharya Akash Das Nayak.Agastya movie is one of the best movie in 2016. This movie's action of fighting is best from others. This movie's choreography is one of the best.The screenplays is very good.when we see Agastya movie it's looking like as a full action movie.

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agastya movie information-

There is nothing like Agastya Odia movie in 2016. This movie's actors and actresses is best. This movie's hero Anubhav mahanty and heroine Jhilik.

Agastya Movie Details

Movie / Album:              Agastya
Release Date :              12 June 2016
 Director :                       K.M Krishna
Music Director :            Prem Anand
Producer :                     Akshya parija
Cast :                             Anubhav, Jhilik
Edited by:                      Chandrasekhar mishra